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Bridges, dentures  and partial dentures are methods of dentistry devised to fill spaces where teeth are absent.  They improve appearance, bite and confidence.

Your dentist will advise of the best option for you and the rest of your remaining teeth.
The main alternative to a partial denture is a fixed bridge.  This is made by constructing crowns on the teeth either side of the space and then joining these two crowns together by placing a false tooth in the space.  This is all custom made in a dental laboratory.  A bridge cannot be removed.

  • Made from tough and durable materials
  • Improved appearance and bite
  • Long lasting
  • Natural looking
Providing you have enough strong teeth with good bone support, you can usually have a bridge to replace missing teeth.  

Full, removable dentures are used when no natural teeth remain.

  • Custom made in a dental laboratory

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a plate with a number of false teeth on it.  It may be plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic.  Both types may have retaining clips (clasps), to help keep the denture in place in the mouth.  The replacement teeth can be made from a variety of materials including plastic and porcelain.  Each replacement tooth is made specially, to get the right shape, colour and size for you. A partial denture is removable.

  • Plastic partial dentures
  • Metal partial dentures (Alloy of cobalt and chromium)
  • Light and easy to wear
  • Natural looking
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