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Initial Consultation

When you come for a dental examination, your whole mouth is examined.

  • Teeth are checked for decay and wear.
  • Gums are checked for bleeding and pocketing. 
  • Other oral tissues are checked for abnormalities such as cancers, ulcers and lumps. 
  • The bite is checked for wear and adequate function. 
  • X-rays may be taken to view areas that cannot be seen clinically (using digital imaging).
  • Other tests may be undertaken if there is a specific problem. 
  • Your concerns about your teeth will also be noted and addressed, including cosmetic issues

If treatment is found necessary, we will discuss all the options and pricing with you.  We do not recommend dentistry that is not required.  We consider ourselves honest and deliver dentistry to suit patients wishes.  Ultimately the choice is yours, to proceed with treatment or not, we aim to give you the information to make an informed decision. We like our patient's to have an active role in their treatment, so please feel free to ask the questions you need to, they are your teeth!

Our primarily focus is on preventative care.  Detecting problems before they happen is far less costly and easier to manage than treating diseased teeth.

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